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The Twillow Lifestyle Community is a business dedicated to helping people develop to their highest potential with a holistic approach to their lifestyle.

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A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress.


Reiki is a very effective therapy for Animals.


Crystals have properties that facilitate self-healing.


Help to see beyond limiting beliefs with insight, encouragement and guidence

First, I could never go without Tanys’ Reiki sessions! I have a minimum of 4 sessions a year, every season and as needed basis, like after an emotionally charged event. These sessions help re-balance my “self”. I have history of anxiety and depression. Along with medical help, Tanys helps me keep that balance. I am also empathetic, I tend to absorb feelings that are not all mine; with Tanys’ teachings, I am learning to control, identify and let go of emotions that do not belonging to me. My Reiki session are a whole part of my well being. . Tanys has also provided distance Reiki to my Parents and Sister. My Sister herself has voiced the effect of the most wonderful sleeps she has ever had! My Parents health had stabilized after her session. Being a Nurse I find self care is of the utmost importance and Tanys is an ever part of my care plan. Annie B
Annie B