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The Twillow Lifestyle Community is a business dedicated to helping people develop to their highest potential with a holistic approach to their lifestyle.

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A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress.


Reiki is a very effective therapy for Animals.


Crystals have properties that facilitate self-healing.


Help to see beyond limiting beliefs with insight, encouragement and guidence

Tanys is truly a gifted spiritual healer and Reiki Master. Regardless of your personal and/or spiritual beliefs, a session(s) with Tanys results in one universal truth – healing comes in many forms at conscious and unconscious levels … and to have someone as caring as Tanys fully focused on bringing us into greater inner/outer alignment physically and spiritually, can only be beneficial to us. I have gone to see Tanys on numerous occasions and find our Reiki sessions especially timely when I’ve had a very busy week and my mind is filled with all the tasks my typical week entails.  Following each session, I feel rejuvenated Heart, Mind and Soul! – Kerry Lehmann
Kerry L.