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The Twillow Lifestyle Community is a business dedicated to helping people develop to their highest potential with a holistic approach to their lifestyle.

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A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress.


Reiki is a very effective therapy for Animals.


Crystals have properties that facilitate self-healing.


Help to see beyond limiting beliefs with insight, encouragement and guidence

After a Reiki session with Tanys, I feel calmness, strength, and motivation to tackle my next obstacle. Being a dance and music instructor, I build up a lot of tension and store it as a tight bundle of energy which wreaks havoc on my mind and body. You can imagine what kind of mess I am after a year-end recital! My favourite Reiki session was with Tanys right after a recital. In her gentle, calming way, she cleared out all that blocked energy and I felt all the tension being released. I even dozed off for a few minutes and when I woke, it felt like I had an entire night’s sleep and was ready to plunge back into the world again. Tanys is the best!
Chad W