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Twillow Lifestyle Community is a business dedicated to helping people develop to their highest potential with a holistic approach to their lifestyle, offering healing sessions, workshops, training and guidance in numerous topics related to wellness.
Twillow Lifestyle Community is helping people to live up to their highest potential by providing them training, healing and coaching in a compassionate and safe environment that supports their spiritual, emotional and physical needs.
Help our clients create happy and productive lives, through education and therapies that support their spiritual, emotional and physical needs under one roof.
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The Twillow Lifestyle Community Team
Tanys Coughlan, B.Soc.Sc
Founder/CEO and Reiki Master/Teacher and more

Tanys Coughlan, Founder of the Twillow Lifestyle Community and the Twillow Lifestyle Academy, is an international teacher and speaker. She is a Registered Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer and is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) and the Reiki Healing Association. She received her Celtic Shamanic High Priestess, Aqualead Master and Crystal Master certification a few years ago and is following her life purpose. Tanys uses her channeling and intuitive abilities to help people understand themselves and others. Tanys works with those who are looking to create more meaning in their lives. She helps them transform and evolve on their healing journey to self-discovery. Through energy healing, spiritual practices, mentoring and teaching, she helps others to find a more meaningful, healthy and balanced lifestyle by gaining a sense of well-being, understanding of emotions and energy. She helps people connect to their higher purpose and explore their spiritual gifts.

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Jennifer Jurkofsky
Jennifer Jurkofsky
Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Canadian Counsellor, Psychotherapeutic Energy Healer and Intuitive Life Coach

Western psychotherapy meets Eastern energy healing!  With over 20 years of spiritual journeying towards holistic practice, Jennifer brings an understanding of the human psyche as it relates to vibrational energies, both internal and external, to support a fully holistic healing experience for her clients.  Jennifer combines her counselling and psychotherapy education with her spiritual understanding and intuitive insights to guide clients as they journey toward their True Self.  

Jennifer works with clients on an individual, collective, and transcendental level to address energetic, physical, emotional, and cognitive blocks, influences of the collective unconsciousness, past life and generational karma, and more. 

Jennifer combines her callings as a Shamanic Light Worker, Spiritual Alchemist, Sufi Al Kahina, Sekhem, Reiki and Aqualead Master, Nokti Practitioner and Pastor with her certifications as a Canadian Counsellor, Life Coach, Mindfulness, Therapeutic art, and Shamanic Healing Coach.  Jennifer has been internationally recognized for her work in the mental health field.

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Gary Headshot 500x666
Gary Chatham
Life/Wellness/Entrepreneur Coach and Intuitive Counsellor

Gary has helped many others on their paths for over 20 years, bringing intuitive and spiritual insight to their situations, so that transformation in their lives can occur.

He is the creator and founder of Transformation Through Awareness™, a dynamic system that combines life coaching, intuitive insight and spiritual guidance, with energetic healing techniques, and practical strategies for change.

A transformational life coach, wellness coach, entrepreneur coach, and intuitive counselor, Gary helps clients from all over the world through video and phone sessions to transform their lives and assist them on their spiritual paths. He has been a featured advisor on Yahoo Advice and Keen.     .  

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Twillow Lifestyle Academy Instructors
At the Twillow Lifestyle Academy we believe in empowering you!
8 Instructors

We have a wonderful selection of subject matter experts ready to pass on their expertise to you for your journey!

• Reiki Masters • Crystal Master • Life and Spiritual Coaches • Spiritual Counsellors • Celtic Shaman • Aromatherapist • Holistic Nutritionist • Astrology • Tarot • Yoga Instructors • Money Management Specialist • Spiritual Business and Marketing Specialist

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"A true life changing event for me. New to the world of Reiki, Tanys put me at ease, took the time to walk me through the entire process and practice behind it, as well as answer all my questions. Tanys is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person which made my Reiki session even more powerful.

I left feeling lighter, happier, and more able to address some of the pent-up issues that were weighing me down in life. I am going to be a long term customer of Tanys and urge anyone curious about Reiki to please do a session with her." -Sarah V.

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