Vedic Astrology Training

What is Vedic Astrology?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why am I here?” You’re here because you’re in school.

You’re a student and will return here until you graduate and go on to the next phase of your soul’s development. While you’re here, you learn knowledge. You take classes and learn lessons. You continue this process until you can’t come here anymore. Astrology is a measure of your spiritual progress thus far. Like a report card, it details your strengths, weaknesses, and can predict when certain types of lessons are coming your way. Astrology can reveal your numerous inherited physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tendencies. These tendencies condition your present environment. Through effort, you can offset these tendencies through specific remedies. Astrology can reveal your degree of wealth, health, fame, rank, position, misfortune, illness, and predict any success or adversity that comes your way.

Vedic Astrology is the oldest form of astrology and was developed by the Rishis (sages) of ancient India. They were scientists and the scribes of the Vedas (sacred texts). They developed this spiritual science, as their way of ensuring the constant renewal and progress of India’s spiritual tradition and culture. Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish, translates to “the science of light”. The light represents the divinity within you. Vedic Astrology can allow you to expand your cosmic awareness and reveal your unique spiritual gifts and weaknesses acquired over many lifetimes. If you choose to implement this ancient wisdom into your life, you can advance the development of your soul and lead a productive and fulfilling life now and into the future. The grahas (planets) and nakshatras (stars) provide a map of your soul’s journey. As you learn Vedic Astrology, allow its wisdom to expand your awareness beyond your physical, human manifestation. The spark of the Divine is within you, and you are very much one with the cosmos.

Vedic Astrology Classes
Vedic Astrology 101 Class

In this workshop, Jyotish charts will be studied and analyzed to gain a deeper understanding of Vedic Astrology principles throughout this course

(Weekly classes for 12 weeks)

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More Vedic Astrology Classes to Come

Stay tuned for more classes to deepen your learning

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