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Twillow's Survive & Thrive this Holiday Season

A Week of Support for Sensitives, Empaths & Clairsentients!

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The Twillow Lifestyle Academy is thrilled to be providing you with this series of interactive discussion and learning on Facebook and You Tube Live daily at 5pm EST,

Sunday November 27th through to Friday December 2nd 2022.

We have a specially curated team of teachers with a broad spectrum of expertise. We are excited to introduce them to you and provide an opportunity to get to know them and ask questions about topics you may be wondering about.

We will also be having some special offers and giveaways for those that attend!

Survive & Thrive this Holiday Season: A Week of Support for Sensitives, Empaths & Clairsentients!

Sunday November 27th through Friday December 2nd

Daily Live on Facebook and You Tube at 5pm

Sunday November 27th at 5pm

WHAT’S STOPPING YOU from having a joyful holiday season? Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

Dr. Karen Stillman

Monday November 28th at 5pm

Special Twillow Talk about Empaths

Jennifer Jurkofsky and Tanys Coughlan

Tuesday November 29th at 5pm

Crystals and Essential Oils to Support Empaths Through the Holidays

Ruth Heyerdahl and Tanys Coughlan

Wednesday November 30th at 5pm

Grounding Through the Holidays

Ramzi Cheety

Thursday December 1st at 5pm

Protecting your Energy and Boundaries as an Empath at the Holidays

Gary Chatham 

Friday December 2nd at 5pm

Your Financial Power Plan for the Holidays

Jacqueline Richards-The Wealthy Yogini

Friday December 2nd at 7pm

Special Episode of Open Mic: Empaths

Special Episode of Open Mic with Ramzi Cheety and Tanys Coughlan with special guests Jennifer Jurkofsky and Gary Chatham

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The Twillow Lifestyle Academy is committed to bringing you more content, more classes and more amazing teachers.
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