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What is Nokti?

Nokti is a new energy being brought to the earth.

Nokti was channelled in Ottawa, Ontario by Tanys Coughlan in August of 2019. Tanys had been a Reiki Master/Teacher and had started her energy healing journey about a decade before. She is a channel and has been working with the Galactic Federation of Light for a number of years. Some of her soul mission is to be a galactic ambassador and within this role is a galactic healer. She works closely with Pleiadian guides as well as many others. One of the others is Archangel Azrael. Archangel Azrael is the Archangel that supports us with transitions and grief. Another guide that was involved in supporting this energy work is Archangel Raphael, the Archangel that helps with healing.

The initial attunement that brought this energy through was just the beginning. The guides have worked with Tanys to fine tune the energy and gain experience with it in order to finally be able to offer it others. She has been using it with great success on her clients who claim it has been a huge support for their journey. The timing of the energy coming down to earth at the time that it did is no accident.

The earth and humankind was entering into the Age of Aquarius and were starting to transition to the 5th dimensional consciousness. During times of transition like this there is a period of transformation. This energy is to support this transformation and to help humans manage their cellular and DNA changes more effectively. We are transitioning to a crystalline DNA structure to support the higher vibration of the 5th dimensional consciousness. The need to heal the grief and trauma of the past is of the utmost importance at this time. Nokti is a great support during this process.

Nokti-Level 1

In this class, we will be introduced to a new energy healing modality that has been channelled from the Pleiadians. This energy helps to heal the grief and trauma that we hold as human in our energy system and in the cells. This level will give you the tools to be a Nokti Level 1 Practitioner

(4 hours)

(Prerequisite: Reiki Master)

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In the Nokti Masters Level class, you will learn how teach and embody the Nokti energy in your life and your practice

(3 hours)

(Prerequisite: Nokti Level 2)

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Nokti-Level 2

In this class, you will gain a greater understanding of the Nokti energy and how the galactic energies and the elemental energiies of the earth combine to create a beautiful synergy of healing.

(4 hours)

(Prerequisite: Nokti Level 1)

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