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  • Stone of transformation
  • Soothes the change process giving strength
  • Promotes psychic abilities
  • Balances and protects the aura
  • Raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energy
  • Banishes fears and insecurities and relieves anxiety and stress
  • Stimulates imagination and calms an over-active mind
  • Helps with disorders of the eyes, the brain, gout, colds and rheumatism
  • Regulates metabolism, balances hormones while relieving menstural tension
  • Lowers blood pressure and aids in digestion
  • Provides mental calming
  • helpful for Asperger's syndrome or autism.
  • Increases psychic abilities
  • Opens the throat for self-expression and communication
  • Eases anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and shyness
  • Can help to regulate throat area, including the endocrine glands, larynx, thyroid and vocal cords
  • Can reduce blood pressure
  • Combats hearing loss, ear and nose problems
  • Helps to relieve menstrual irregularity and cramping
Lava Stone
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Aids with grounding and the connection to earth
  • Cleanses negativity
  • Calming stone that dissipates anger
  • Provides strength, courage and allows for stability during change
  • Help with happiness, confidence and optimism
  • Aids with communication
  • Enhances fertility
  • Wonderful to use with aromatherapy and essential oils
  • "Stone of Transitions"-gently induces change
  • Assists in the release of old behavior patterns
  • Assists with sciatica, neuralgia and joint problems
  • Aids in emotional healing, depression and soothing stress
  • Helps activate the throat, heart and 3rd eye chakras, aids in Astral Travel
  • Greatly helps with allergies, epilepsy, addictions and Alzheimer's
  • Stabilizes mood swings and is excellent for menopause and bi-polar disorders
  • Combines its power of objectivity with direction and unimpeded communication, focusing on what is important and making it an excellent stone for business pursuits.

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