Aqualead Classes
What is Aqualead?

"Aqualead Energy Healing in a new energy healing modality that heals, purifies and energizes water all over the planet, as well as in all living beings. The human body is made of 70% water, and the Earth's surface is covered mostly with water. Therefore, healing water means healing the Earth, and all the life forms it supports.

Where does Aqualead Energy come from?

This healing modality was channelled and developped by Sabine Blais on August 30, 2008.  It is strongly connected to Elemental and nature beings (Elves, fairies, ect..). Aqualead is an Andromedan energy, meaning it has an intergalactic origin.  It was channelled and developped in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Is Aqualead Energy similar to Reiki?

Aqualead Energy is an energy of its own kind and is a new energy that was channelled in this world. It is not Reiki, nor is it similar to any style of Reiki.

How is Aqualead practiced?

Aqualead Healing is practiced hands-on on a person in the level I healing session. It is also projected at a distance to any living being, as well as to any body of water, from an ocean to a glass of tap water. Symbols are used.

How does the Aqualead energy work during the session?

Aqualead Energy works at the physical, mental and emotional levels. It will cleanse, purify and energize the water in your body and place it on a higher vibration of energy. The person may experience a strong release of toxins and may experience various symptoms (healing crisis) during and after the session. The energy gives a cool, refreshing and invigorating sensation and the client may fall asleep during the session as the healing takes place. The energy also helps clear the mind and emotions, and helps the person gain more insight and clarity.

Where is Aqualead Energy applied on the human body?

The areas treated are  corresponding chakras or energy centres. The head, throat, chest and abdomen (Solar plexus) are treated."


Aqualead Certification
Aqualead-Level 1

In the Aqualead Level 1 class, you will learn how to heal and cleanse the water in living beings.

(3 hours)

(No prerequisite)

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Aqualead-Level 2

In the Aqualead Level 2 class, you will learn how to heal and cleanse areas or bodies of water in order to perform Environmental healing.

(3 hours)

(Prerequisite: Aqualead Level 1)

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In the Aqualead Masters Level class, you will learn how to attract and manifest water as well as how to teach Aqualead and give the attunements.

(3 hours)

(Prerequisite: Aqualead Level 1)

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Unicorn Master Symbols

In this class you will learn and be attuned to the 6 symbols called the unicorn symbols that are an extension to the Aqualead Master level. These symbols work mainly at the emotional level and are a great addition to your practice.


(Prerequisite: Aqualead Master level)

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