Essential Oil Training

What are Essential Oils?

Almost everyone has heard of essential oils today. Essential oils are becoming very popular lately for their healing properties for the body, mind and energy. The are a potent natural product that when used safely can be very effective at support our health.

Essential Oil Courses
Essential Oils Basics

This Class will discuss what essential oils are and how they are made as well as how to use them safely for personal use.

(3 hours)

(No Prerequisite)

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Essential Oils Intermediate

This Class will discuss how to combine essential oils for maximum benefit in a safe way. You will learn how to create pleasing scents for products for self use.

(3 hours)

(Prerequisite: Essential Oils Basics)

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Essential Oils Advanced

This Class will discuss how the distillation process works and how to use the little known co-product from the distillation process, hydrosol.

(3 hours)

(Prerequisites: Essential Oils Basics and Intermediate)

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Essential Oils Advanced 2

This class will discuss much more about essential oils how to use them.

(3 hours)

(Prerequisites: Essential Oils Advanced)

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