The concept of energy healing (of which Reiki is one form) has been around for centuries but has always been seen as a spiritual practice. The “laying on of hands” was mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible. In the New Testament, the laying on of hands was associated with the receiving of the Holy Spirit (See Acts 8:14-19) It was not seen as having a basis in science until recent years. Scientific studies have been emerging over the last decade or two, as well as new technologies that allow us to measure the effects of energy healing.

One of the technologies that has been developed is the SQUID magnetometer. This devices allows as to detect “tiny biomagnetic fields associated with physiological activities in the body. This is the same field that sensitive individuals have been describing for thousands of years, but that scientists have ignored because there was no objective way to measure it.” ( This was discovered by Gerhard Baule and Richard McFee of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Syracuse University.

“In 1963, Baule and McFee detected the biomagnetic field that is projected from the human heart using two coils connected to a very sensitive amplifier. This became known as a SQUID magnetometer, or a superconducting quantum interference device.” (


Dr. John Zimmerman and Dr. Robert O Becker investigated “the pulsating biomagnetic field of the practitioner’s hands during a Reiki session. The biomagnetic field of the hands of working practitioners has been recorded as 1,000 times greater than normal. These pulses were discovered to be in the same frequency range as the brain waves, sweeping between 0.3 – 30Hz, but focused mostly in the 7 – 8Hz, which we now know is the same frequency as the alpha state in the brain (Sabrina, UK Reiki Federation)”.  ( These frequencies also correlate to the frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum.


“Published studies have looked at the effect of Reiki on measures of stress hormones, blood pressure, heart rate, and immune responsivity, and on subjective reports of anxiety, pain and . The studies to date are typically small, and not every study is well designed. However, overlapping data from some of the stronger studies support the ability of Reiki to reduce anxiety and pain, and suggest its usefulness to induce relaxation, improve fatigue and depressive symptoms, and strengthen overall “Wellbeing is a state of balance or alignment in body, mind, and spirit. In this state, we feel content; connected to purpose, people, and community; peaceful and energized; resilient and safe. In short, we are flourishing wellbeing. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews contains a review on the use of touch therapies (including Reiki) for pain and a protocol for use of Reiki for psychological symptoms.

Reiki has been increasingly offered as part of workplace wellness programs to address burnout and improve skills in healthcare and other industries, as well as in university wellness centers.” (

“Vibration / Coherence.“Every molecule in the body, and every homeopathic, herbal, or aromatherapy preparation, vibrates in specific ways and emits a characteristic energy spectrum… Because of resonant interactions… nearby molecules interact with each other via electromagnetic fields… [those interactions] repeated by the millions of molecules within a cell membrane, tendon, muscle, bone, nerve cell, or other structure, give rise to huge coherent or laser-like vibrations… Crystalline components of the living matrix act as coherent molecular ‘antennas’, radiating and receiving signals.” (Oschman, 128-131)

Herbert Fröhlich states “An assembly of cells, as in a tissue or organ, will have certain collective frequencies that regulate important processes, such as cell division. Normally these control frequencies will be very stable. If, for some reason, a cell shifts its frequency, entraining signals from neighboring cells will tend to reinstall the correct frequency. However, if a sufficient number of cells get out-of-step, the strength of the system’s collective vibrations can decrease to the point where stability is lost. Loss of coherence can lead to disease or disorder.” (Quoted in Oschman, page 135)

James L. Oschman hypothesizes that “every part of the body… form[s] a continuously interconnected semiconductor electronic network. Each component of the organism, even the smallest part, is immersed in, and generates, a constant stream of vibratory information… Complete health corresponds to total interconnection. Accumulated physical and/or emotional trauma impair the connections. When this happens, the body’s defense and repair systems become impaired and disease has a chance to take hold. Acupuncture and other energy therapies restore and balance the vibratory circuitry, with obvious and profound benefits.” (Oschman, 71)” (