Advanced Energy Healing Series

Advanced Energy Healing Series
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Date(s) - 05/11/2019 - 03/12/2019
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Advanced Energy Healing Series:

Are you working on your own healing journey and want to gain tools to use on yourself?


Are you currently an energy healer that wants to add knowledge and tools to your toolbox to further assist your clients to reach their full healing potential?

This advanced energy healing series brings together various tools that will help you to add to your healing tool box whether it is to heal yourself or others.

Week 1 Aqualead 1-Tuesday, November 5

Aqualead is an energy modality focused on healing the water in living beings and in the environment. This level of Aqualead focuses on healing the water inside living organisms and also includes a component on animal communication. The student is introduced to Aqualead, taught how to give the healing session, learns the first two symbols and how to do the first meditation. The student receives the Aqualead level I attunement and then practises the healing session and distant healing in the class.

Week 2 Crystal Basics -Tuesday, November 12

In Crystal Basics we will focus on the basics of using crystals to enhance your healing and your healing practice. This is a basics course to prepare you for the following week where we will introduce them into Energy Healing sessions

Week 3 Energy Healing with Crystals-Tuesday, November 19

In the Energy Healing with Crystals we will look more in-depth at how to integrate crystals and crystal grids into your energy practice be it Reiki, Aqualead or other modalities.

Week 4 Aqualead 2-Tuesday, November 26

This level is focused on environmental healing; it entails healing water all over the planet; dealing with agriculture and plant life; transforming situations, enhancing creativity, and transmuting lower, negative energies into a higher order. The student learns the next three symbols, another meditation and receives the Aqualead level II attunement.

Week 5 Sacred Space and Pulling it All Together-Tuesday , December 3

In our final week we will touch on preparing your sacred space and we will pull all of the previous weeks of learning together to practice on each other and cement the techniques you’ve learned and use the tools in practice sessions, as well as answer any questions and discussion.

Each week comes with a Manual and the related crystals and tools for that week.

************Registration prior to November 1st is required***************

The investment for this series is $222 including the supplies required upon registration.

Please register at:

and e-transfer $222 to with the password Twillow

Additional supplies will be available for purchase if you wish to add to your tool box.