About Us

Twillow Lifestyle Academy is helping people to live up to their highest potential by providing them training, healing and coaching with a multidisciplinary team in a compassionate and safe environment that supports their spiritual journey and/or a rewarding career in healing or metaphysics.


To help our students become all  they wish to be and support their spiritual journey and healing career

To be a "go to" resource for people wanting to study energy healing and metaphysics

  • Acceptance
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Quality
  • Integrity

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Our Faculty

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Tanys Coughlan

Founder/CEO and Reiki Master/Instructor and more

Tanys Coughlan is a Registered Reiki Master, Aqualead Master, Crystal Master and a Celtic Shamanic High Priestess. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) and the Reiki Healing Association.  She feels that life is full of opportunities to help and care for one another and is so pleased to have found a way to do this with the Twillow Lifestyle Community. After spending over 20 years in home healthcare Tanys embarked on this mission of helping others through her spiritual and energy healing practices. Tanys has a Bachelor of Social Science and is also a Ceritfied Human Resources Professional (CHRP) with a Certificate in Human Resources and a Certificate in Applied Management.

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Nicole Colman

Instructor/Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Personal Trainer/Reiki Practitioner

Nicole Colman a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and the 2017 Valedictorian of her graduating class at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.; She has been practicing nutrition and has worked with clients on weight loss, mental health, hormonal imbalances and much more.; She recently completed an advanced course in Nutrition and Mental Health Nicole also holds a BA Honours and MA in Religious Studies and is a Level III Reiki practitioner.; NIcole is also a certified personal trainer who works primarily with women to empower, create consistency and make movement a part of their daily routine. Nicole firmly believes that nutrition and exercise should be fun and evolving and not a “chore” to be ticked off a list. As such, she brings a hearty dose of humour to her workouts and consultations and strives to bring levity, lightness and good vibrations to her clients.

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Ruth Heyerdahl
Instructor/Holistic Aromatherapist/Holistic Nutritionist/Energy Healer

Secretly, Ruth is a self-confessed science geek who likes to know why and how things work. Professionally, Ruth is a Reiki Practitioner, energy healer and aromatherapy specialist (specializing in essential oil safety) As a Holistic Detoxifier, Ruth teaches people to detoxify their internal and external surroundings so they can live healthier and happier more fulfilled lives. Ruth is really passionate about empowering people to feel more perceptive, peaceful and connected to themselves and the world around them. In the mid-1990's, Ruth studied bio engineering for four years and learned that there are many harmful chemicals in commercial products that we use every day. These chemicals are "generally recognized as safe" in the amounts that they are inthe personal and cleaning products, but hese chemicals are known carcinogens, neurotoxins and hormone disruptors, which could be why more cancers, neurological diseases and hormone issues are known to us than ever before. In the late 1990's, Ruth began researching more natural , less harmful substitutes that could be used daily with less safety risk and became certified with a well-renowned aromatherapy school to teach safe aromatherapy (or how to use essential oils)and approaches holistic health from both a scientific and an intuitive point of view. Ruth does not sell essential oils, neither does she get paid by any essential oil company mentioned nor is she a representative for any essential oil company. Ruth is currently working on completing further certifications in various other holistic modalities including treating animals holistically and energetically and with essential oils and hydrosols.

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Jennifer Jurkofsky
Instructor/Spiritual Counsellor/Life Coach

As an ordained minister, Sufi Al Kahina, and Shamanic Light Worker, all of Jennifer’s practices stem from her spiritual background and experience.  She believes in the connectedness of all beings and the oneness of humanity.  This connectedness has a direct impact on all that we feel and experience.  Jennifer’s goal is to help her clients understand how their relationship with their thoughts, feelings and actions guide their experiences.   Jennifer practices as a Reiki Master, Light Worker and Brain Gym Practitioner, working with clients to cleanse and strengthen their energies.  Jennifer also provides spirit releasement therapy, clearing, and past life regressions.     Jennifer provides spiritual counselling as well as general counselling practices.  Jennifer is a Registered Acceptance and Commitment Therapist and a Certified Life Coach for adults and children in Mindfulness, Therapeutic Art, and Shamanic Healing.