It is our goal to open the Twillow Lifestyle Centre which will be a centre dedicated to helping people develop to their highest potential with a holistic approach to their lifestyle. It will offer therapies, healing sessions, workshops, training and coaching in numerous topics related to wellness; as well as a venue to host wellness events. The facility will house an integrated health centre with western medicine practices as well as holistic practices under one roof. It will have two community rooms that can be used for a variety of purposes. One of them will be a demonstrator kitchen as well, to provide an opportunity to have classes and workshops that require cooking facilities and access to water such as nutritional cooking classes and painting workshops. The other will provide a space for yoga, meetings, small weddings or other workshops.

The Centre will also house a retail space that will carry local artisan collections as well as a variety of spiritual supplies such as crystals, smudge, yoga supplies and the like. Included will also be a small tea room for participants and the public to gather and share experiences. The yard and surrounding areas of the Centre will have features such as a gazebo, a water feature, meditation nooks and a Chakra garden.

It will be a place to get your Tender Loving Care.

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