From the moment entering Tanys’ (aka Twillow) studio you know you are in good hands. She embraces you with love and creates a caring environment which is all about you. She will ensure that she is working in your best interest and helps establish intentions for the session. Tanys uses multiple resources to measure your openness including crystals and a pendulum. This establishes a good degree of credibility. Then she goes to work to relax you and removing the blocks to let your energy flow.
I highly recommend Tanys of Twillow Lifestyle to help heal your blocks, create a positive energy flow and bring back the higher energy to enhance your life.
Thank you for all you do Tanys.

Lana B.

First, I could never go without Tanys’ Reiki sessions! I have a minimum of 4 sessions a year, every season and as needed basis, like after an emotionally charged event. These sessions help re-balance my “self”. I have history of anxiety and depression. Along with medical help, Tanys helps me keep that balance. I am also empathetic, I tend to absorb feelings that are not all mine; with Tanys’ teachings, I am learning to control, identify and let go of emotions that do not belonging to me. My Reiki session are a whole part of my well being. . Tanys has also provided distance Reiki to my Parents and Sister. My Sister herself has voiced the effect of the most wonderful sleeps she has ever had! My Parents health had stabilized after her session. Being a Nurse I find self care is of the utmost importance and Tanys is an ever part of my care plan. Annie B

Annie B

Tanys is truly a gifted spiritual healer and Reiki Master. Regardless of your personal and/or spiritual beliefs, a session(s) with Tanys results in one universal truth – healing comes in many forms at conscious and unconscious levels … and to have someone as caring as Tanys fully focused on bringing us into greater inner/outer alignment physically and spiritually, can only be beneficial to us. I have gone to see Tanys on numerous occasions and find our Reiki sessions especially timely when I’ve had a very busy week and my mind is filled with all the tasks my typical week entails.¬† Following each session, I feel rejuvenated Heart, Mind and Soul! – Kerry Lehmann

Kerry L.

A true life changing event for me. New to the world of Reiki, Tanys put me at ease, took the time to walk me through the entire process and practice behind it, as well as answer all my questions. Tanys is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person which made my Reiki session even more powerful. I left feeling lighter, happier, and more able to address some of the pent-up issues that were weighing me down in life. I am going to be a long term customer of Tanys and urge anyone curious about Reiki to please do a session with her.

Sarah V.

After a Reiki session with Tanys, I feel calmness, strength, and motivation to tackle my next obstacle. Being a dance and music instructor, I build up a lot of tension and store it as a tight bundle of energy which wreaks havoc on my mind and body. You can imagine what kind of mess I am after a year-end recital! My favourite Reiki session was with Tanys right¬†after a recital. In her gentle, calming way, she cleared out all that blocked energy and I felt all the tension being released. I even dozed off for a few minutes and when I woke, it felt like I had an entire night’s sleep and was ready to plunge back into the world again. Tanys is the best!

Chad W