Essence of Self Level One — The Gift of Multiple Awareness with Alani Galbraith

Essence of Self Level One — The Gift of Multiple Awareness with Alani Galbraith
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Date(s) - 17/04/2018 - 12/06/2018
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm



Essence of Self: Level One – Guides Journeys to Discover your Inter-dimensional Self

This 9 week series guides you, as you journey to connect with sacred aspects of your Self through 12 dimensions.

You will learn the practical aspects of channeling in this 9-week experience.
And gain the keys to the twelve dimensions of your essential self. 

Plus, bonus information on building effective connections between inner and outer reality.
Each week, we take time for discussion and share insights, as well as learn practical applications for the information you receive. Beautiful handouts each week include helpful resource ideas, additional insights into the power of the information you are gaining about who you are.  Each dimensional aspect of Self contributes to your growth, awareness, and benefits your day to day life. Your adventures in these inner realms build a larger framework of meaning, significance, and effectiveness for what you choose to create and experience for your life.

Key to spirit

Essence of Self is an in-depth study of realizing the wholeness, love, and wisdom within your essential nature. You discover, as you learn, how to connect and channel trustworthy inner guidance. This experiential program provides you with practical suggestions. You can connect your inner and outer awareness with what is deeply meaningful in your life.
To Register for the Essence of Self Course:
Time: Tuesday April 17th and Tuesdays through to Tuesday June 12, 2018
6:30PM to 9:00PM, each week.
Class: $222, payable with registration
Registration is required prior to Thursday, April 12/18

Contact Tanys Coughlan at Twillow Lifestyle Center,, 1-613-883-4712

Location: Private home, address available with confirmed registration.

Manuals Provided Weekly


You will want a journal or notebook in which you can draw pictures, as well as make notes.

Coloured pencils or markers, pencils, pens.

About Your Guide for this Course – Alani Galbraith

“Simply, this is one of the most transformative courses I have ever studied or taught! There is always something new to discover, about ourselves, and about what is meaningful in our lives.”      Alani Galbraith

We instinctively know there is more to life. More than “feeding our faces until we die”. More than building a legacy for our children. Even more than focusing our work to help the planet. We are meant to have an inner life as developed and balanced as our outer life. They are meant to inform and enrich our experience of being alive. Our essence and our physicality are meant to communicate with each other; benefiting our growth and our contribution to each other.

If you seek time-tested methods, anchored in metaphysical wisdom developed over generations, you will find them within this foundational training.

Your sense of discovery and true magick will reawaken. Your creativity and innovation will increase. Your understanding of how to create, intentionally, the changes you want in life will become more effective. A satisfying sense of both belonging and freedom will restore your focus upon what matters most. All because you will come to “Know Yourself” in ways that few people have learned to access with intention.

Alani Galbraith is a student of Life. Her love of teaching is centered in her delight in sharing ideas that invite people to go, “Ahha! This makes sense. I see how to use this now!”

For over 20 years Alani has traveled extensively to learn, and to teach, programs that connect our inner and outer awareness of life. Hermetic metaphysics, Native American, Peruvian, and Celtic shamanic traditions, environmental sciences, and a deep love of family all combine into an enthusiasm for learning, growing and being alive to celebrate it all!

See you soon!

Alani and Tanys